Guilt-free tourism : would you pay $11 for a carbon-neutral holiday?


December 6, 2015
Colin Michael Hall


Flights are just one of the ways tourism contributes to climate change. Contrail image from
Travelling carbon free for about the cost of a salad in New York? Yes, please.

This is the good news that’s emerged from a study that found the damaging effects of tourism emissions could eventually be eliminated if travellers paid an average of just US$11 per trip.

Our research, published recently in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism, was a collaboration between researchers from the universities of Waterloo (Canada), Lund (Sweden), Canterbury (New Zealand), and NHTV Breda (Netherlands).


Michael Hall, Author provided
Tourism: a carbon-intensive industry

Tourism is highly dependent on fossil fuels, and is a significant contributor to climate change. Recent conservative estimates conclude tourism, including transport, accommodation, and activities, contributes approximately 5% of total anthropogenic emissions worldwide. That’s more than all but five countries of the world.

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